Metallic Range

The Metallic Range is a Pukka classic with many useful features, catering for the young professional seeking style and sophistication in a notebook.

  • Metallic Pocket Book
  • Metallic Writing Pad A5
  • Executive Project Book A4/A5
  • Metallic Jotta Exec A4+
  • Editor Metallic A4 Pad
  • Easy-Riter Metallic A4 Pad
  • Jotta Metallic A4, B5, A5 & A6 Pad
  • Metallic Reporter’s Pad
  • Vellum A4 & A5 Pad
  • Metallic Project Book A4 & B5

Stripes Range

A Pukka classic. The Stripes range is stylish and full of colour perfect for home, study or office use.

  • Pukka Project Book A4, A5, A6
  • Pukka Hard Backed Project Book A4, A5
  • Stripes Jotta Notepad A4, A5, A6
  • Pukka Pads stylish black version of the classic Stripes Jotta Notepad A4, A5

Colour & Personalise

Be creative, the sky is the limit.

  • Project books A4, B5
  • 5 Colour Coded Dividers
  • Storage Pockets

Vision Range

The brand new for 2018 Vision Range adds a splash of colour to your notes, whilst still having a classic, simple design.

  • Project Book A4, A5
  • Jotta A4, A5

Vogue Range

Add some colour to your workplace with the brand new Pukka design, Vogue.

  • Project books A4, A5
  • Jotters A4, A5

Halftone Range

Subtle mix of vibrant colours adds a splash of colour to your work place with the fashionable Halftone range.

  • Halftone Project Book A4, A5
  • Halftone Jotta Pad A4+, A5
  • Halftone Refill Pad, Topbound A4
  • Halftone Reporter’s Pad 140x205mm

PP Neon Range

Vibrant new design made from hard wearing wipe clean Polypropylene at an affordable every day price.

  • PP Neon Project Book A4, A5
  • PP Neon Notepad A4+, A5

Electra Range

Grey is the new black! Sophisticated and sleek Electra is inspired by the must have colour for 2017 – whether for the office or home this design offers a hint of personality whilst still remaining professional. With either hot foil or UV branding, both options bring the design to life.

  • Project books A4, A5
  • Jotters A4, A5

Soft Cover Range

The innovative smooth finish applied to the casebound covers on these notebooks gives them a luxurious feel when touched, but still allows them to be opened fully and laid flat, when required. All of the notebooks in the Soft Cover notebook range, from Pukka Pads, contain 192 cream coloured, lined pages of 80gsm, acid-free paper. These notebooks also feature a useful page marker ribbon and an elasticated closure which can also be used as a bookmark.

  • Soft Cover Notebook A4
  • Soft Cover Notebook A5
  • Soft Cover Notebook A6

Blue Range

Pukka Pads blue linen bound notebooks in 3 sizes and also with A-Z dividers.

  • Blue Casebound Pad A4, A5, A6
  • Blue A-Z Casebound Pad A4, A5, A6

Black Range

The monochrome Black Range looks professional in meetings.

  • Black Project Book A4, A5
  • Black Meeting Pad A4
  • Black Pocket Book A7 with Pencil
  • Black Jotta Polyprop A4, A5
  • Black Wirebound Pad A4, A5
  • Black Casebound Pad A4, A5

Silver Range

The silver finish applied to the covers on these notebooks gives them a luxurious look.

  • Silver Wirebound Pad A4, A5
  • Silver Casebound Pad A4, A5

Unipad Range

The Unipad range has been designed for the education sector to assist students with their studies.

  • Project Book A4, A5, Pink/Blue/Black
  • Spiral Notepad A4, Pink/Blue/Black
  • Refill Pad A4, 160 Page, Topbound, Pink/Blue/Black
  • Refill Pad A4, 160 Page, Sidebound, Pink/Blue/Black
  • Refill Pad A4, 400 Page, Sidebound, Pink/Blue/Black
  • Shorthand Pad 128 x 203, 160 Page, Pink/Blue/Black
  • Shorthand Pad 128 x 203, 300 Page, Pink/Blue/Black
  • Feint Ruled Memo Pad A4
  • Narrow Ruled Memo Pad A4

Recycled Range

Pukka pads addresses ethical and quality matters in a sustainable & responsible manner. They are very proud to offer a premium quality recycled notepad range.

  • Pukka Pad, Recycled Project Book A4, A5
  • Pukka Pad, Recycled Pad A4, A5
  • Recycled Meeting Pad A4
  • Pukka Pad, Recycled Refill Pad A4
  • Pukka Pad, Recycled Shorthand Pad 203x128mm
  • Pukka Pad, Fashion Recycled Jotta Notepad A4, Pink/Blue

Pressboard Range

500 micron hard glazed mottled pressed board covers available in assorted colours. The elasticated closure keeps notes safe.

Irlen / Colour Range

Pukka Pads coloured notepads have been designed with guidance from the Irlen Institute who specialise in products for those with visual perception difficulties. With the use of formulated coloured paper and tinted ruling with margin, the coloured pads can help those with Irlen syndrome and / or Dyslexia. Located within the inside front cover of the pad is a visual stress self-testing form. This will help anyone with Irlen syndrome to assess which colour pad they are most suited to.

  • Coloured Notepad A4, Turquoise
  • Coloured Notepad A4, Green
  • Coloured Notepad A4, Lavender
  • Coloured Notepad A4, Parrot
  • Coloured Notepad A4, Rose
  • Coloured Notepad A4, Gold

Noir Range

Luxury filing and notebooks in black and gold, catering for the young professional seeking style and sophistication in their office stationery.

  • City Hardback Project Book A4, A5
  • City Project Notebooks A4, A5
  • City Jotta Polyprop A4, A5
  • City Casebound Pad A4, A5
  • City Ringbinder File A4
  • City Lever Arch File A4
  • City Box File A4
  • City Pocket Book & Pencil
  • City Reporters Pad
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